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A person with a Wisconsin Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) will face harsher penalties with a drunk driving charge than a person with a regular driver’s license.  A CDL holder has gone through many steps and additional testing to obtain a CDL, and more responsibility as a driver.

Wisconsin OWI Penalties for CDL Drivers

If a Wisconsin CDL driver is convicted of a Wisconsin OWI, the driver risks losing his license for one year with a first offense drunk driving.  A second offense Wisconsin OWI disqualifies a driver from obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License for the remainder of his life.

Higher Risk for Wisconsin OWI

A Wisconsin OWI will be given to a commercial driver with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) over a .04, even though Wisconsin’s legal alcohol limit is .08.  This lower BAC is required of a Wisconsin CDL driver when driving his personal or commercial vehicle.  If a Wisconsin CDL driver loses his license because of a Wisconsin OWI, he may be eligible for an Occupational License.  However, this Wisconsin Occupational License will not allow him to operate a commercial vehicle.

Your Job is On the Line with a Wisconsin OWI

A Wisconsin OWI risks a Commercial Driver’s License, and any additional drunk driving charges could mean disqualification from obtaining a CDL in the future.  A first offense Wisconsin OWI has a license suspension for one year.  While some employers may find alternate job tasks for that year, other employers may not be so kind.  This financial burden affects you and your family.

Hire Experienced Wisconsin OWI Defense Attorney Nathan Dineen

Wisconsin OWI Defense Attorney Nathan Dineen has worked with many Wisconsin CDL drivers.  He provides an aggressive defense to your Wisconsin OWI charge.  With his knowledge and experience, you will feel confident in the work he provides.  Contact Attorney Dineen at 877-384-6800.  He is available 24/7 and offers a Free Case Review.

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