Updated on December 6th, 2022 at 06:22 pm


One of the Penalties for a Wisconsin OWI is driver’s license suspension.  A person arrested for a Wisconsin OWI will receive a Notice of Intent to Suspend.  Once this paperwork is received, a Wisconsin driver has TEN (10) DAYS to request an Administrative Suspension Review Hearing.  If this hearing is not requested, the privilege to operate a motor vehicle will be automatically suspended after thirty days from the date on the Notice of Intent to Suspend.

What is a suspension review hearing for a wisconsin owi 

Administrative review hearings review whether the person was actually operating or driving a motor vehicle, probable cause to make an arrest, and other aspects of the stop.  This hearing is done by an administrator, your attorney and the police officer who initiated the stop.

What is the importance of a license suspension hearing?

This hearing is the first interaction your attorney has with the police officer.  From this hearing, your attorney will get some background information on the police officer’s training and experience with drunk driving arrests in Wisconsin.  However, the ultimate goal at this hearing for a Wisconsin OWI Defense Attorney to avoid having a client’s driving privilege suspended.

Advantage of hiring an aggressive dui attorney

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