Updated on February 3rd, 2021 at 10:49 pm


Memorial Day weekend is usually the “opener” of summer.  The weekend includes drinking with friends and family, whether on the lake, at a cabin, or just at home.  Drinking and driving a boat, a four-wheeler, a car, etc., will lead to a Wisconsin OWI.

Wisconsin OWI on Land

Some families gather for camping trips, which can also mean ATV trails.  Law enforcement agencies are on the lookout for people driving ATV’s while under the influence of alcohol.  A Wisconsin OWI is a serious offense, regardless of the vehicle being driven.

Watercrafts and a Wisconsin OWI

Some Memorial Day family traditions include heading to a lake for some boating and fun in the sun.  Law enforcement agencies cannot look for a person “swerving” while operating a boat because there are no actual “roadways,” but being out on the lake also means a lot of time in direct sunlight.  A person drinking in the sun is likely to be more dehydrated than someone consuming water.  Dehydration can increase the effects of alcohol, making you a target for a Wisconsin OWI.

Memorial Day OWI Law Enforcement

Holidays mean more law enforcement officers hitting the streets, parks, and water to patrol for Wisconsin drunk driving offendersMemorial Day is no exception.  The increase in law enforcement for Wisconsin OWI detection is to increase awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving.