Updated on April 26th, 2018 at 07:04 pm


If you have been arrested for a Wisconsin drunk driving charge, you probably have many questions about your options.  While there are some immediate concerns about your job, your driver’s license, and insurance, there are other factors at play in your drunk driving defense.  Take these Top 5 Steps to protect your reputation.

Step 1.  Write Down Everything You Remember

While the events of your drunk driving arrest may be burned into your mind, it is easy to overlook small details that may not seem important.  Take the time to write down everything you did before, during, and after your Wisconsin OWI Arrest.  This will provide significant details to your attorney and could be the extra push to a Not Guilty verdict.  The timeline of events will help refresh your memory when recalling the details during your trial.

Step 2.  Social Media “Spring Cleaning”

Technology is a staple in today’s way of living.  This means prosecutors will search through your social media pages and look for incriminating posts and photos which you or a friend has posted.  It is necessary to remove, delete, or hide all posts and pictures which have alcohol or show you partying.  You have heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Those “words” could make or break your defense against your drunk driving charge.

Step 3.  Any Witnesses? If so, find them!

It is important to have witnesses to testify on your behalf.  This could include family, friends, or friends of a  friend, especially if they saw you before, during, or after your drunk driving arrest.  Witnesses provide insight into your life, which could sway the jury and strengthen your defense.

Step 4.  Hire Wisconsin OWI Defense Attorney Nathan J. Dineen

Why settle for the rest, when you can have the best?  Wisconsin OWI Defense Attorney Nathan J. Dineen practices 100% OWI Defense in Wisconsin.  He has the knowledge and skill to aggressively fight your Wisconsin OWI charge.  Attorney Dineen is a Certified Field Sobriety Test Instructor and Drug Recognition Evaluator (DRE).  Hire an attorney who will fight for you; hire Wisconsin OWI Defense Attorney Nathan J. Dineen.

Step 5.  Take a Deep Breath! Call Me, we will get through it!

A Wisconsin OWI charge is no laughing matter, in fact, it can be downright stressful.  But do not let the stress of this arrest and its consequences consume your life.  Put your trust into Wisconsin OWI Defense Attorney Nathan J. Dineen.  He will fight for your rights, discuss your options, and aggressively defend you against your drunk driving charge for the best possible outcome.

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