Updated on February 3rd, 2021 at 10:49 pm

Everyone thinks they have a right to an attorney at any time…not for a Wisconsin OWI.  If you have been arrested for a Wisconsin OWI, your right to an attorney can only be stated after a blood or breath test.

Wisconsin OWI Blood or Breath Tests

The Implied Consent law is a promise to submit to a blood or breath test when you receive the privilege of obtaining a Wisconsin driver’s license.  Refusing these tests result in an automatic suspension of your driving privilege.

What Happens After a Wisconsin OWI Blood or Breath Test?

After a blood or breath test for a Wisconsin drunk driving arrest, the arresting officer will try to obtain information from you as part of an Alcohol Influence Report.  You will be read you your rights, which include remaining silent, advising you anything your say can be used against you in Court, and that you have a right to an attorney.  At this point they may ask if you wish to continue with questioning.  You do not have to answer any of the following questions without an attorney present.  In fact, do not answer these questions.

Hire an Experienced Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorney

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