What to Expect From A Milwaukee DUI Attorney

The initial interview with your Milwaukee DUI attorney is an important time to lay some groundwork, present information and evidence to your lawyer, establish expectations for your DUI case, and discuss important aspects of your DUI representation. In the initial interview, which will probably take place at your lawyer’s office, your DUI lawyer will discuss the following matters with you: (1) the incidents that occurred before, during, and after your DUI arrest; (2) the nature of your DUI chargers, penalties, and chances of succeeding in trial; and (3) what is needed to prepare a defense for your DUI trial.

Because this might be the first time you’ve ever dealt with an arrest for driving under the influence, a good DUI attorney will make sure to thoroughly explain to you what the ramifications of your case are. A good DUI attorney will also assure you that your defense will be carefully prepared and well thought-out.

Tell your Wisconsin DUI Attorney Everything

It’s important you provide your Milwaukee DUI attorney with a detailed and comprehensive chronology of everything that happened, from several hours before your DUI arrest to the time of your release from police custody. You should also give specifics on how much food or beverages you consumed before your arrest, what kind of alcoholic drinks you had, and over what period of time you consumed the drinks.

Provide Your Complete Motor Vehicle & Criminal Background

You should give your DUI attorney the details of your personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, whether you’re married or single, height, weight, etc. In addition, it’s critical that you give your DUI attorney the details of every single incident that you’ve had with law enforcement in the past. This includes any motor vehicle violations and criminal convictions.

Even if you’re hesitant to provide information on your past criminal convictions, such information may be critical to your current DUI case. First of all, your DUI attorney needs to verify the information for its truthfulness. Secondly, any prior convictions will affect the feasibility of negotiating a plea with the prosecution. Finally, since a prior DUI conviction means you could face a mandatory jail sentence, your DUI attorney might have to attack your prior conviction for its validity.

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If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence, having the representation of an experienced DUI attorney is essential for your DUI case. For a free consultation, contact the Milwaukee DUI attorneys at Vanden Heuvel & Dineen today by filling out the form on this page.