Finally, in your initial interview, your Milwaukee DUI attorney will evaluate your potential as a witness.

Evaluating Whether You Should be a Witness in Your DUI Trial

There are essentially three kinds of DUI defendants:

(1)   Those who completely blacked out and can’t remember the details of the events surrounding the DUI arrest. Although there is the assumption that a DUI defendant who blacked out won’t be able to help with the defense as a witness because of lack of memory, there are now ways to overcome the memory loss. For example, a potential method of rekindling your memory in drunk driving cases is the use of hypnosis.

(2)   Those who remember bits and pieces of what happened at the night of the DUI arrest, but whose memory fades in and out. Hypnosis may also help with these kinds of DUI defendants. Keep in mind, however, that if you fall into this category, there are significant risks involved in taking the stand when you have major holes in your memory.

(3)   Those who clearly remember all the details of what happened the night of the DUI arrest. If you fall into this category of DUI defendants, then you should probably testify in your DUI trial, especially if it’s a trial before a jury. The clarity and attention to detail from your testimony can further demonstrate to the judge or jury that you were not intoxicated at the time of your arrest.

Another important detail that your DUI lawyer will pick up is whether you’re able to impart a positive impression on the jury, or whether the jury is likely to view you in a negative light. This will influence whether or not your DUI attorney will demand that you get a jury trial for your DUI case.

Because taking the stand entails undergoing many difficult demands, such as cross-examination by the prosecution, your DUI attorney will gauge whether you’re able to withstand these demands. Accordingly, your attorney might make you go through a mock cross-examination.

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